Viome at-Home Gut Microbiome Test

Viome’s Gut mental test may be a easy at-home microbiome fecal occult test that permits you to send your sample from the comfort of your own residence. No science lab appointment or doctor appointment is required. Your results are handily delivered onto your app, tablet, or laptop at intervals a couple of weeks! With Viome’s Gut mental test, you’ll fine-tune the perform of your gut microbiome and perceive what foods you ought to be intake or avoiding (with explanations for WHY) to optimize your distinctive gut chemistry.

Viome uses the advanced technology originally developed for National Security at the town National science lab to spot species and strains of all organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, phages, yeast, parasites, etc.) in your gut, assess however active these organisms are, and analyze whether or not they are manufacturing nutrients or toxins from the food you eat. we have a tendency to feed all of this data to our progressive AI engine to advocate the precise foods you ought to be intake and foods you should be minimizing with the goal to stay your gut in balance.

Viome at-Home Gut Microbiome Test

Weight Loss
Did you recognize that scientists will check up on your gut microbiome composition and tell with ninetieth accuracy if you’re fat or lean? Scientists have additionally discovered that sure gut microbes facilitate form your body and keep fat treed which implies if you’re having bother losing weight, your microbiome may be the wrongdoer.

Viome’s metatranscriptomic technology has allowed USA to spot microbic pathways and functions of your gut, specifically people who influence weight loss or gain.

our body is exclusive. Why shouldn’t your diet be?
Fad diets are unsatisfactory individuals since the dawn of your time. And now we all know why. Our bodies are improbably distinctive and that they are perpetually evolving. Nothing works for everybody, all of the time. fashion diets have unsuccessful USA as people. It’s time we have a tendency to started obtaining personal, with a touch facilitate from science.

Your focus is on the forty trillion microbes that live within your gut microbiome- the cornerstone of your metabolism health, endocrine health, skin health, system response, mental acuity, and your mood. together with your recommendations, you’ll build enlightened selections on what to eat supported your distinctive gut chemistry.

With the Viome’s Gut mental test, you’ll receive:
Lists of foods to relish, minimize, or avoid and why
Tips on food school assignment and serving sizes
Recommendations for probiotics IF you would like them

You order a kit.
You’ll receive your at-home kit to gather your sample. Once you have got collected your sample and completed your questionnaires, you’ll send it off to our progressive laboratory for analysis.

We analyze your sample.
We’ll analyze your sample mistreatment the powerful combination of metatranscriptomic technology and AI to search out that microbes are active and what they’re manufacturing so as to produce you together with your customized recommendations. We’ll score your gut microbiome balance, pathway activities, and functions supported what we have a tendency to see in your results.

You get results!
Your recommendations are delivered right to your Viome app, pill or laptop. Follow your recommendations as best you’ll for consecutive ninety days and begin feeling better!

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